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Even if you don’t suspect a problem, call Climate Control Services for a free diagnosis of the air quality in your home or business and an examination of your air conditioning system and duct work. Indoor air pollution can be a silent and insidious health risk. However, using the advanced HVAC system cleaning and purification equipment and techniques employed by Climate Control Services, we can return your system to like-new condition and help rid your home or office of airborne toxins and contaminants.

Don’t put the health of your family, newborn, employees or other home or business occupants into the hands of a nonprofessional. The process is simple, fast and cost-effective. Call Climate Control Services today, so you can breathe easy tomorrow.

We’re the Comfort Experts.


Air pollution is seldom thought of as an indoor problem. But did you know that the air inside a home or business can reach pollution levels 100 times that of the air outside? Molds, mildew, contaminants and other toxic residues can build up over time in a number of areas, including in your cooling and heating system and ventilation duct work, and can become a major contributor to indoor air pollution. While indoor air quality can become an issue for any of the occupants of a home or business, it can become particularly important if residents are elderly, very young or already suffering from illness that can be exacerbated by air pollution.

Molds, mildews, contaminants and other toxic residues can build up over time even in homes that aren’t considered particularly old. And if your home or business has experienced even a minor fire, there’s a very good chance your air conditioning duct work is harboring the byproducts of what was burned, which can be a health hazard.

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