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to put you to the front of the line and dispatch a technician to repair nearly any major appliance in your home or business, including:

• Air conditioner
• Thermostat
• Humidistat
• Electric heater
• Water heater
• Range
• Refrigerator
• Plumbing
• Garbage disposal
• Deep freeze
• Dishwasher
• Clothes washer
• Dryer
• Microwave
• Trash compacter
• And more


An Appliance Service Contract from Climate Control Services covers the repair of all the major appliances in your home or business for one affordable annual cost. However, it also buys something priceless: your peace of mind.

Sure, you can wait until your air conditioner breaks down or your plumbing springs a leak to surf the Web or rifle through the Yellow Pages for service. But who to call? Will they be trustworthy in your home? Will they be professional? Experienced? Knowledgeable? At Climate Control Services, our repair technicians are all that and more. We demand the best technicians in the business because you demand the best. Our service technicians are reliable, professional, knowledgeable and courteous.

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